It is hard to stay positive with all the negativity we are exposed to everyday, which is compounded by 24 hour news coverage and multiple social media outlets.  Many of us are just plain tired of the constant barrage of ugly political ads, reports of terrorism overseas and at home and the unbelievable gun violence we experience routinely in this nation.  But I for one refuse to allow these vile people and events to have one moment of my joy.  I will continue to shine a beautiful light and share what I can with you, while enjoying the happiness in your life that you share with me.  And here are a few of the lovely goods I have been enjoying the past couple of weeks…

Yes to Tomatoes Facial Scrub

yes-to-tomatoesAs a middle age woman who experiences those wonderful hormonal changes on a regular basis, I still occasionally wake up to one of those pesky little spots on my chin or forehead that always seem to appear just before the weekend or a big event.  I find a daily shot of salicylic acid in combination with my nightly retinol is usually enough to show these little annoyances just who the boss of this body is and Yes to Tomatoes just does the trick, without being over drying.  Cruelty free and American made, I am hooked.

Merona cotton T shirts from Targett-shirts

These soft and tag free t-shirts in a variety of prints and colors are perfect for casual days or career wear layering.  Short or long sleeved, we can all afford at least a few of these lovelies to toss on with jeans or under a suit jacket for a chic and flattering look.  I love to snuggle in these softies and enjoy adding a new color or two to my drawer every season.

Holiday Craft Fairs

While I hate to rush the holidays and much prefer to enjoy one event at a time, craft fairs are popping up all around our nation in anticipation of Christmas although we have yet to celebrate our Thanksgiving feast.  Nonetheless, these events are wonderful venues for local artisans to share their works and offer great finds for holiday decorating and gift giving.  I use craft fairs as a venue to sell jewelry and my sister sells handmade handbags and beautiful painted furnishings.  This gives us the opportunity to show off and share our talents, earn a little extra money and pick up delightfully handcrafted pieces to share with others.  From holiday ornaments to handmade soaps to locally sourced honey and syrup, craft fairs are a fun way to spend a day and support your local culture.

What could be better on a cold fall day than to put your best face forward snuggled in a comfy outfit while shopping for unique treasures with a friend or sibling?  Give it a try and see if you discover a great find to brighten your own day and keep your spirits high.  And as always, shine on!





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