As my birthday falls in January, and we just celebrated Valentine’s Day, I was blnew hat 1.jpgessed with a few particularly nice winter fashion treats that I am really enjoying these last several weeks.  Despite the unseasonably warm weather, I still love winter fashions and enjoy dressing to go out in the winter months.

My first find is this Barbour faux fur, water repellent hat that hubby and I discovered in a sporting goods shop in one of our favorite local village communities.  Warm and snugly soft, this hat keeps me nice and cozy while being timelessly fashionable as well.  I have wanted a hat like this for ages and it seems this was my lucky year.  While the top of the hat is a dark green water repellent wax cloth, so little is visible that it is just as easy to wear with a dress coat as with a casual jacket.

Another ‘keep warm’ staple that I added to my winter wardrobe this year are my practical snow boots by Sorel.  Snow can pile up here in Northeast Ohio very quickly and while dress boots arereceived_778331269001558.png nice, keeping my feet warm and dry take priority over fashion when heading out with Mr. LucyLoves or the girls for a snowy day outing.  I wear these water-tight, above ankle boots with jeans to walk the dog, go to lunch and even dinner on weekends during the blustery months.  Sorel makes a variety of stylish yet practical winter boots in different colors and heights to suit snowy and rainy weather needs.

This also seems to be the year for earrings for me.  Hubby and I found stone earrings studs.jpgthis pair of hand crafted, Druzy stone stud earrings set in 14k gold at a gift and home shop in the same local village where we found the Barbour hat.  Depending on the light, these sparkly gems appear light to medium gray, gray blue and even lavender toned.  These are sure to be a staple in my now casual wardrobe for years to come.

For Valentine’s Day, Mr. LucyLoves gave me these Kendra Scott fire opalfire opal earrings.jpg earrings.   I had spotted them near the New Year on a visit to Nordstrom’s and had been eyeing them since.  This is my first jewelry item from this American brand and if these beauties are any indication of the quality of the KS jewelry line, I am sure these will not be my last.  Pretty with a simple t-shirt or a cocktail dress, this pair is a stunning addition to my jewelry collection.

As usual, in addition to scouting out winter fashions, I am voraciously reading this winter, mostly to complete my mission of finishing the Deborah Crombie mystery series featuring Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Dunkin Kincaid.  But I am also reading some other fiction and non-fiction finds, including A Dog’s Purpose by WOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA. Bruce Cameron.   I am midway through and have been enjoying every minute.

And in order to read all that fine print, my aging vision requires a little magnifying so there are always reading glasses around our house, in our cars, in my handbags and totes, you name it.  I picked up this pretty pair in purple and green check plaid, reminding me of the colors of a spring garden, at a kiosk in my favorite shopping mall.  Unfortunately, I could find no name brand listed inside but I will look for them again when I visit this particular shopping location.  For $16.00 these are a great buy, made of durable plastic with spring hinged temples that rival the quality of the plastic eye wear sold at my glasses.jpgoptometrist’s office.

As winter winds down and wet, dreary early spring weather is not far away, I will continue to appreciate my cold winter finds in the weeks to come.  I would love to hear what fun fashion forward finds you have come across this winter season that you are loving as well.


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