Three weeks in Germany gave me the opportunity to pop into a few stores and shops that we don’t find here in the US. While I avoided beauty stores, knowing full well that we all have access to the same brands and products, the same cannot be said for fashion. And while I didn’t spend an extra ordinate amount of time shopping, I did make an effort to pick up these finds that I knew I wouldn’t have access to at home, as well as to treat my family to a few goodies.

My first and most expensive gift to myself was this Joop! satchel. I was walking the streets of Munich and IMG_20170809_113108happened upon this little handbag store that sold German as well as high end international brands when I saw this lovely little bag in the window. I liked the size, color and cheerful butterflies adorning the front of the bag. Little did I know that the B&B we stayed in the following week would have a room decorated in pretty yellow butterflies and it was my favorite of all our accommodations. Now I will always think of our stay there every time I carry this bag.

A few times I walked passed a Hallhuber store and admired a flower print on several pieces on display.  On my third trip past a store, I finally ducked inside. I immediately spotted this floral and bird print silky tee shirt which reminded me oIMG_20170809_112857.jpgf the vibrant gardens we visited on a couple of our walking tours. The array of vivid colors will make this a very versatile piece to have in my closet.

And of course, I couldn’t leave without something that was reminiscent of the beautiful rose print dress I kept admiring on the mannequin but didn’t think I would make enough use of to purchase for myself, considering the price. Instead I picked up the scarf from the same collection which I will no doubt wear a great deal. I also browsed their sale area and found this lovely navy-blue silk print scarf that matched the skirt and top I happened to be wearing that day.IMG_20170809_112545

Mr. LucyLoves and I are both admirers of pretty minerals so we made a special trip to visit a few stores specializing in mineral artworks and jewelry. In one of them I purchased this pair of lovely green stone drop earrings for myself, as well as a similar pair for my sister. The color reminds me of the rich greens of the wine regions we traveled and myIMG_20170809_112647 sister’s pair will look stunning next to her red hair.

Because my oldest niece is enamored with purple, I browsed the jewelry store windows in search of a purple stone for her and in so doing I stumbled across this pair of smoky quartz drop earrings that I fell in love with. I like smoky quartz for the simple reason that the color reminds me of the pretty brown coat on my horse’s body and this pair will keep him near and dear every time I wear them.

And that was the extend of my personal shopping while in Germany and more than enough to update my personal style for quite a while considering I no longer work and enjoy a life of lush leisure. The other items Mr. LucyLoves and I purchased for ourselves were books, tapestry pillows and souvenir tea towels. We IMG_20170809_112118were far too busy enjoying ourselves to think about shopping for any specific items but we are quite pleased with the few purchases we did make, all of which will remind of us our trip of a lifetime.

IMG_20170809_112203I hope you are enjoying your own travel experiences this summer and finding your own little gems to brighten your daily fashion life. I’d love to see what you have added to your own wardrobe during this travel season. As always, live a beautiful life.