I purchase this candle at a local home store in my community and this is my third one. It is by far my favorite candle and is well worth the $30.00 price tag for the 6.8 oz. jar. (There are smaller ones available). While I love to indulge in holiday specific scents to enjoy over the Christmas and New Year season, this Red Currant brings pleasure to our home throughout the entire fall and winter season. The ever so slightly sweet yet warm aroma appeals to both sexes and on cold winter nights, makes a hot meal and a snuggly blanket seem even more appealing.
votivo candle insert.jpgVOTIVO candles are made in America and come in a variety of scents to please any pallet and suit any season. They are packaged in heavy, reusable glass jars that make great storage containers for your vanity or medicine cabinet. Enjoy one in your own home or give one as a gift, or both. These candles will not disappoint the giver or the recipient.
As always, live beautifully!