For those of us who still experience the occasional break-out, you know that treating and abolishing those pesky visitors can be a hassle. Especially if you get those annoying zits that never seem to come to a head and take weeks to disappear. Hormones are to thank for those creatures and in my middle years, I am more likely to wake up with one of those raised annoying bumps than a normal pimple that you can banish in a week or less.

Since menopause, I don’t break out often but when I do, it’s usually a spot on or around my chin, that starts as a raised bump and tends to get very sore in a matter of a couple of days. I have continued to use a salicylic acid treatment product and applied ice a few times a day to reduce swelling and pain. Nonetheless, I am cursed with a spot that can take weeks to completely heal.skyn dot packs.jpg

Then I stumbled upon these SKYN Iceland Blemish Dots. And what a wonder! While these little, intense salicylic acid treatment patches claim to banish pimples overnight, they don’t work quite that fast on those deeply ingrained, hormonal spots. Nonetheless, two or three treatments does take care of the primary healing process while reducing swelling and pain. A breakout may last a week or ten days as opposed to a month. Those who experience the occasional ‘normal’ spot that is closer to the surface of the skin should see results much more quickly.

As soon as you see the sign of any spot, you simply peel the treatment dot from the clear plastic backing and apply it to the affected area. It’s best to use this product overnight, but the directions state you can apply it at any time for as many hours as possible. For those who are adept at makeup application, you can even cover the nearly invisible treatment patch with a bit of concealer or foundation if you must. Remove the dot in the morning and wash your face as normal and you should see a significantly marked improvement in the condition of your spot.

skyn dots cover.jpgI’ve tried other SKYN Iceland products in the past and I’ve not been disappointed. These little gems are definitely staying on my skincare list. For $20.00 for 48 patches, you absolutely cannot go wrong. Best of all, SKYN Iceland is a cruelty-free skincare company.

As always, live a beautiful, cruelty-free life!