Mr. LucyLoves and I both enjoy cooking and we love to try new things. That said, we also enjoy a heart-healthy, low-fat diet containing a few lean meats per week and lots of fruits and vegetables daily. Of course, eating an organic, hormone and antibiotic free diet is not inexpensive and our grocery bill has only skyrocketed over the years. I would have never thought a home delivery meal service would help us to not only eat well, but save money.

BR insert 2.jpgBlue Apron is just one of several mail order food companies that provide a weekly home delivery of fresh, seasonal produce and hormone free meats, complete with step by step instructions and recipes for delicious meals. There is a vegetarian option available as well.

Blue Apron subscribers select from two options: a couple’s plan for either two or three meals per week, or, a family plan for two, three or four meals per week. Mr. LucyLoves and I opted for the three meal couples plan, for $60 per week. You can also choose your delivery day and we opted for Thursday.

Our food arrives via FedEx, nicely packed, with the meat products on ice. Produce and ‘extras’ are on top and everything stays adequately cold for the trip. All we must do is open the delivery upon arrival, put the meats in the freezer and the produce and herbs, seasonings and sauces in the refrigerator until we are ready to prepare a meal.

BR insert.jpgI like to review the recipe cards for each of the three meals in advance so I know what preparation is required. Most of the meals can be prepared in about a half hour, with a few maybe taking a bit longer depending on complexity of preparation and meat cook times. The directions are simple to understand and make learning new ways of preparing things rather fun. One person can prepare the meal easily but if you enjoy cooking with a partner, you can easily divide the duties. And the best part is, the meals are healthy and delicious!

There are other positives to a home delivered meal service. For starters, with Blue Apron, Mr. LucyLoves and I seldom eat the entire meal and usually have enough left for at least one lunch during the week. The produce provided is usually very close the amount needed per each recipe so there is no food waste. If I have an extra onion or clove of garlic, I can easily incorporate it into another dish during the week.

As far as feeding ourselves for the remainder of the week, we usually prepare vegetarian meals including lush salads, pasta, potatoes or rice. We purchase only what we need on a weekly basis now, such as breakfast foods, coffee and other drinks, a very few dairy products and the remainder of our produce. No more purchasing food in bulk packs that we can’t always eat up before it spoils, or having too much of one dish and not enough of another. Blue Apron has helped us to prepare just what we need with a bit of leftover items for packed lunches but not so much that we are throwing food away. And that is good for us and the environment. Furthermore, if you don’t have recycling in your area, you can return on the packaging, free of charge, and Blue Apron will recycle it for you.

In the past month, Mr. LucyLoves and I have reduced our grocery bill by about $80 over the previous month. Our bill may vary depending on what we need in any given week and what we choose to eat but any savings, no matter how small, is a savings nonetheless. And I’m always up for putting money in my own pocket.

BR cover.jpgHome delivered meal services may not be for everyone but don’t assume the expense is more than you can afford. If you are willing to make some adjustments to your budget and shopping routine, you may find you are eating healthier while better managing your household funds.

As always, live a beautiful life!




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