Perhaps it’s because I love to write, but I love pretty paper products almost as much as I love relishing in my skincare routine. There is something about a beautiful notebook, a pretty card, a decorative diary and putting a svelte pen to the page that makes me smile. Homemade and personalized paper products are especially enticing to me and here are a few lovelies I received as gifts this holiday season, which you could easily make for yourself or others with a passion for pulp.

Afraid you or someone else will forget? Write yourself a note on a sticky pad supported post itby a lovely not pad holder. This pint-sized post it holder was made from a thick piece of cardboard, covered in a piece of old map and attached with a glitter covered clip. The cute mini-pen will ensure you’re always ready to make note of a special occasion or grocery store reminder.

Always trying to keep track of computer passwords, birthdates or mailing addresses? A pocket notebook covered in sturdy decorative paper, divided with stick-on add bookdividers and garnished with a sparkly ink pen will ensure you never locked out of your favorite website or in doubt of where to mail Aunt Mary’s birthday card. Yes, it’s easy to store this information on your phone or laptop but it’s so much more fun to have it at hand in a pretty trinket book on your desk.

For those of you who enjoy journaling as much as I do, there is no need to spend a small fortune on pre-made diaries when you purchase plain notebooks and easily cover them with your favorite designs, invoking pleasurable memories and passions. A notebook that is a joy to look at will even inspire that procrastinating student to reconsider homework time.


Most of all, you never want to miss an all-important date, be it for your annual medical exam or your niece’s baby shower. While calendar journals seem to be all the rage, designer and customizable models fetching more money than you might spend on a cashmere sweater, you can make your own date reminder book with a bit of imagination, some crafting supplies and a glue stick. My sister made this one for me last year that includes a reusable cover and I’ve already slid my 2018 office supply store replacement calendar


between the cover pages for tracking the new year.

The next time you’re in need of a gift for your paper loving family member of friend, consider a bit of creativity and savings by making your own lovely and useful desktop staples.

Live a beautiful life.


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