I am by no means a history ‘buff’ but I do enjoy reading, learning and immersing myself in various forms of history. Be it books, movies or a visit it a museum, there are alwaysafrica.jpg valuable lessons in the history of absolutely everything. And a trip to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History is a great place to learn about the roots of our planet, our universe and all of life.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History explores everything from the foundations of the planets in the Planetarium, to the dinosaur age, to formation of life from human and plant to aquatic. There are museum sections dedicated to the preservation of wildlife including an outdoor walkway complete with various animals native to the otter.jpgNorthern part of the Unites States and Canada. This ‘mini-zoo’ provides entertainment and education that all ages love to enjoy. The museum even houses a gem and jewelry collection that is sure to put a smile on the face of everyone who adores natures brightest decorations.

I had the opportunity to visit and learn about Balto, the beloved dog who inspired the Iditarod Race, one of my favorite events to follow, as well as dozens of other animals tbalto.jpghat have shaped our surroundings. I learned more about native cultures from my own area, including the Erie, as well as those of more distant regions. I loved hearing about the predator and pray relationships of the wildlife of Africa, which I dream of visiting via safari one day. The display of our own animal ancestry is telling and moving into the prehistoric and ice age displays is a massive joy for every visitor. For those who love the sea life, there is a bit of that as well, and also a grand opportunity to learn much that is known of the construction of our universe and space.

There is absolutely something to suit everyone at the Cleveland Museum of Natural wolf.jpgHistory and there is likely something that will peek your interest at your own local museums. If you have the opportunity to visit any museum of natural history, you will have spent a day doing something enjoyable and educational for yourself and your companions. Most museums also host seminars, classes and field trip opportunities which focus on specific areas of interest for those who want to learn more about any area. And once you’ve made the trip, you are likely to consider a museum membership to save on your many return visits.

dino 2.jpg
Consider spending a day supporting your own local history museum or visiting those around the world, wherever your travels take you. You won’t be disappointed.

Live a beautiful life.



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