Mr. LucyLoves and I both enjoy bar soaps although it seems they are much less popular these days than their liquid counterparts. But luxury, cruelty-free soaps are richly fragranced and available in a variety of skin-type options, and they last for ages. There are scents to please every taste of either gender as well as unscented varieties. I like to pick up bar soaps at specialty home and gift stores when I travel about and they make wonderful gifts for everyone. Santa regularly brings a bar or two of my favorites every year and I look forward to that little stocking treat.

A few of our favorites that we routinely purchase come from L’epi de Provence. Made infrench soap.jpg France and loaded with Shea Butter, these oil base soaps are soothing for my very dry skin and the fragrances are divine. Lemon Verbena is my favorite and I also lavish in the matching body and hand creams on a daily basis. The Lavender scent is my much-loved evening bath treat and blends nicely with the lavender sleep oil I use on my bed sheets. These treats are carried at a local family owned home store in my community and I have seen them at gift stores and boutiques around the nation.

mens bar.jpgSandalwood is one of Mr. LucyLove’s favorite fragrances so I look for it in shaving and balm products when I’m roaming about. He happened upon this bar of Sandalwood and Patchouli by Wavertree & London while on my birthday outing a couple of weeks ago. The rich, masculine scent isn’t only appealing to the males of our species—I enjoy it, too!

Definitely on the male side of things is this UPW Cuban Tobacco & Honey bar that serves as both a shaving soap and bathing aid. The fragrance emitted from this little olive oil mens round.jpgbased gem reminds me of my grandpa smoking after dinner while enjoying a sip of bourbon when I was a child and it’s a memory I can’t get enough of.

Most of these cruelty-free bars are in the $8 to $12 range. While they await use, I store them in a little open basket in the master bath so their aromas waft through the air even when we aren’t in our baths or showers. You can’t go wrong with these staples for you, your family or friends. They are luxury treats that meet the needs of any budget.

Live a beautiful life. mens bars.jpg


3 thoughts on “LUXURY SOAPS FOR ALL~

  1. These soaps sound lovely!

    I’ve never been a big fan of soaps, but I’ve recently fallen in love with a facial soap which made me buy a big bar of soap for the face+body. I can totally see myself buying and trying more soaps!


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