A gentle cleanser is a must for me, for two purposes in particular: First, I like a daily dose of salicylic acid as a means to keep pesky hormonal spots at bay and to quickly heal those that do pop up. Second, I like a simple, gentle cleanser to wash away the dirt and grime of the day prior to prepping my skin for bedtime. The two that I have been enjoying lately come from both ends of the skincare spectrum—one is high end and the other from the drug store.


For the morning, I have been using Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser with murad cleanser.jpgSalicylic Acid. A must for anyone who has a tendency to occasional hormone related break-outs, salicylic acid is a godsend. Far less drying than benzoyl peroxide treatments aimed toward teen-aged or oily skin types, this Murad cleaner is effective with just a very spare amount. I use just a dime sized drop to thoroughly cleanse my face and neck each morning in a warm shower. An added bonus for me is that they salicylic acid treatment seems to keep the ‘chicken skin’ or rather, keratosis pilaris, on my upper arms from redeveloping. And that’s a wonderful thing. A word of note, I do always make sure to put a lip balm on prior to my shower to prevent the salicylic acid from chapping my routinely dry lips.


alba cleanser.jpgIn the evening, I have been using this Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Cleanser with Pineapple Enzyme. The basic ingredients are perfect for removing makeup, dirt and oil that builds up over the day without drying or stripping the delicate skin on my face. I use about a half a pump per cleanse so this bottle will likely last a few months.


Cleansers are something that I don’t normally spend a great deal of money on due to the fact that they don’t remain on my face and neck long enough to make a significant difference in my skincare routine beyond the basic cleansing action. I tend to spend more money on salicylic acid cleanser for the simple reason that it is more difficult for me to find cruelty-free drugstore lines with this effective ingredient.cleansers.jpg


Whatever your skin type or interest in skincare, basic cleansing is a must for everyone. The gentler the better in my book and that is possible without breaking the bank.


As always, live a beautiful life.





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