I’m all for investing in skin and haircare but I’m also one for investing in my own financial security. So when I find a product I truly love, I will look for alternatives at a lesser price and if I don’t find one, I will purchase the more expensive product and use it wisely. Not that I advocate wasting any product you spend your hard-earned money for, but there is a certain joy is relishing in high end products while making them last as long as possible.

My all-time favorite high-end skincare product that I refuse to be without is, of course, Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil Light. I discovered this lightweight moisturizer several years ago and fell in love. It provides just the right amount of moisture for my combination oily skin and I credit it’s properties to reducing my shine and hormonal breakouts. Well worth the price tag for me, this is probably my sixth or eighth bottle. I usually need to repurchase about every six months.
My naturally curly hair needs and responds well to a bit of taming in both the summer humidity and the dry winter air. However, I hate product that leaves my hair feeling stiff or sticky in any way. I’ve tried nearly every curly hair taming product on the market and this Living Proof Curl Defining Styling Cream is the one that works. It gives my medium textured curls just the right amount of hold while maintaining shine and my natural silky-soft feel. And I hate any product that detracts from the soften of my stands. That’s no problem with this product so I will continue to repurchase. As I wear my hair short, I can manage with one bottle a year.

On another hair note, curly hair craves moisture and I like leave-in style conditioners more than rinse out versions, although I occasionally use both especially in the very dry winter season. This Pacifica Hairvana Leave On Detangling Conditioner provides the perfect amount of hydration without accruing on my mane. And you can’t go wrong with the price tag for any Pacifica products.
Of course, my skincare favorites are all cruelty-free and available at either Ulta, Sephora or online. I’d love to hear what your favorite, can’t live without products are and what you find your best investments to be.
As always, live a beautiful life.



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