Spring will be upon us soon and now is a good time to consider updating your wardrobe and makeup style. And lashes play an important role in your appearance, no matter what your preferred fashion. So why not dare to bare a more dramatic look as spring roles in if you haven’t done so already?

Mascara is a blessing, and many people swear by their lash growth serums, especially for those who find their lashes waning with age, and those who never had much of a lash mane to begin with. While false lashes might not be for everyone, for every day (as is the case for me) false lashes need not be intimidating. Like any makeup or cosmetic application, it just takes a little practice to perfect your skill.

lash kit.jpg

I found this KISS Lash-101 All-in-One Kit for Lash Beginners on sale at one of my local drug stores. This complete kit includes a set of natural looking lashes, safety scissors, safety lash tweezers and a mini lash glue complete with how-to, pictured instructions for lash beginners.

Admittedly, I was not well versed in false lash application as the idea of them seemed a bit intimidating and unnatural to me. But I thought I’d give this kit a try and I’m glad I did. It took a few attempts, but even I was able to successfully apply my lashes and felt comfortable enough wearing them to actually appear in public! And that’s saying a lot for this severely far sighted, middle-aged gal. Once I got used to them, I actually enjoyed them and found I liked the look of these bar lashes probably as much as if not more than a lightly mascaraed version.

lash kit 2.jpg

If you haven’t tried false eyelashes, be it because you are intimidated by them or you don’t think they will appear natural, you might want to consider giving them a try. You might find they are the best update to your appearance that you’ve made in a very long time. And once you get the hang of them, you just might venture into trying more daring volumes and lengths.

As always, live a beautiful life.


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