If, like me, you suffer from perpetually dry lips, finding an intense moisturizer that

lip 2

absorbs and does the job without leaving a gooey, sticky or tacky mess can be a challenge. But you likely need search no further as this Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm with SPF 25 should do the trick.

I picked up two of these balms last year when I was purchasing Jack Black personal care supplies for Mr. LucyLoves, thinking I would give them a whirl. I ended up liking them so much that I have nearly discontinued using my other balms and treatments altogether and I just repurchased two more replacement tubes. I have been slowly using up other balms by keeping them in our cars and my handbags for ‘touch ups’ but these Jack Black balms are the ones I have come to rely on for real moisture. I keep one in my skincare cabinet for morning use and one in my nightstand to apply at bedtime. This twice daily application provides far better moisture treatment than other balms that I would apply several times throughout a 24-hour period.

SPF in a lip balm is a necessity for me as I am mad about protecting my skin from sun

lip 4.jpg

damage. The variety of flavors is also a fun aspect as there are several to choose from, including the well-loved mint that dry skin sufferers do well to avoid as mint is actually a skin irritant for many. The tiniest dollop of this Shea Butter-rich formula is all you need to relieve the tight dry feeling on your pout that those of us with intensely dry skin seem to forever experience, no matter the season.

Jack Black products are cruelty-free, of course and this little $7.00 gem is well worth the investment. An affordable way to do something good for yourself and enjoy a luxury treat in the process.

As always, live a beautiful life.


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