A girl’s day out was a great day to try a few new-to-me it Cosmetic products as part of my look. I received these little gems either in an it Cosmetics order or from Ulta as a gift with purchase, and I finally got around the giving them a go.

No. 50 Serum Collagen Veil Anti-Aging (Why DO companies use that term?) Primer

This is a

it 50.jpg

skin smoothing, silky primer that provides a luxurious surface underneath your makeup base. Used sparingly I could have gotten two uses out of this little foil packet but one try was enough to know that I would be happy using this product on a regular basis, at least during the dryer winter months.

CC+ Cream with SPF 50+
This it Cosmetics CC+ Cream has been hailed as a ‘holy grail’ foundation base by millions

it CC.jpg

of women and surely must be it Cosmetic’s number one seller. While I like this product well enough, it’s actually a little too full coverage for me. I don’t need to hide or disguise my skin and prefer my skin show through my makeup so I wouldn’t use this one on a daily basis. However, it did the job on a day when I wanted to conceal the remnants of a couple of angry spots that had erupted during a period of illness a couple of weeks prior. I can understand why this is such a popular product especially with the built in SPF 50.

Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage, Waterproof, (and again, ‘Anti-Aging’) Concealer

it bye bye 2.jpg

I purchased and do enjoy the it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination concealer which is a highlighting version of this original product. As concealers go, this is a great one, providing good coverage for those who have dark circles or other discolorations to hide, at a good price point for a high-end range. I’d absolutely purchase this concealer when I’ve exhausted my current stash.

it Cosmetics has a loyal fan base and I have to say, I am one of their regular customers despite their push to ‘anti-age’ me. They make a very nice product for a good value and best of all, they remain a cruelty-free brand. Worth taking a look if you haven’t already.

As always, live a beautiful life.


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