Mr. LucyLoves and I love bar soaps but they can be slippery in the shower and always pose a bit of difficulty when you get down to the last little bitty piece. But with these little bar soap net pouches, that’s no longer a problem.

I found these Body Benefits Net Soap Pouches at my local Big Lot’s while browsing one pouch 2.jpgday and have since seen them in other locations. What a novel idea. These little pouches are made of the same mesh netting as the scrunchy bath puffs so many of us use which are perfect for manual exfoliation. You simply pop in a bar of soap, close the pouch using the pull string and secure it with the locking mechanism on the handle. You can then hang your bar of soap from your shower caddy or any hook for your convenience. You use your soap pouch just as you would your scrunchy bath puff but without having to dispense the body wash onto it beforehand. You aren’t dropping your slippery wet bar in the shower or  wasting the wee stub that is left when you get to pouch 5.jpgthe end of the bar as it just remains in your pouch until it’s completely used in full. When you’re out of soap, just toss in another bar. You can expect your bar soap pouch to last as long as a scrunchy bath puff, which for me, is about four months. I think I paid $2.00 a piece for ours so it’s an economical way to use your favorite bar soaps and avoid frustration and waste.

No matter what your favorite ‘bar’ of choice, you’ll enjoy it more with a soap pouch. As always, live a beautiful life.

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