Last year I received a generous travel size Klorane Mango Butter Shampoo and I fell in love. I took it with me on a three-week trip to Europe and was actually sad when I emptied the last drop out of the bottle. I had been putting off purchasing the full-sized version because I had a couple of other shampoos and conditioners in my cabinet and I am on a mission to finish using up product I already have before buying more. Alas, on a recent trip to Ulta I came upon a Klorane display of both the Mango Butter Shampoo and Conditioner and I put one of each in my bag. And am I ever in love.

klorane.jpgThe shampoo was wonderfully nourishing and the conditioner is as hydrating, if not more so. My curls crave moisture and this Klorane conditioner is one of the best I have ever used. It’s hard for me to imagine using any other shampoo and conditioner from here on out, despite the price tag–$20.00 per bottle. But I can help offset the cost by racking up more Ulta perks points for future purchases and by remembering my 3.50 coupon that comes in every Ulta sale flyer or via my Ulta app.

In addition to the rich, intense moisture of this conditioner, the scent is heavenly. The fresh mango is as invigorating as my favorite citrus scents and really perks up my morning routine. If your hair needs a good moisture infusion, give this Klorane conditioner a try. You will likely fall in love as quickly as I did.

Live a beautiful life.






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