I am a middle aged, middle income, Midwestern gal.  If I could be anything else in the world, human or beast, I would be a horse.  Lucy Loves Horses!  I’m also a natural born fashionista and beauty lover.

I’m lucky to live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country–Northeast Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie.  Where else can you experience the full force of all four seasons?  And with each change in season comes a change in fashion and style.  From spring to fall, summer to winter, I enjoy every opportunity to relish in every fabric and layering option available.  What could be better?

A new life!  While I never intended to ‘retire’ before the ‘normal’ age, life threw me a curve ball and I have started over without any plan.  With hubby in tow, I am learning to enjoy life one day at a time, living in the moment.  And this has given me a wonderful gift–the ability to truly enjoy and appreciate this rural life and all it has t0524101823co offer.

When I am not  blogging or writing, I am enjoying the equestrian life,  working part-time at a local hospital, or diving into a good read.  You will often find hubby and me exploring the cultural life of nearby cities or hiking the local park trails with our dog, Reese.

Whatever life throws at you, embrace it. You never know what good surprises are in store.

Live a beautiful life!







3 thoughts on “About Lucy Loves…

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