Everyone needs a statement piece of jewelry, that one piece that you are known for.  For engagement ring.jpgme, it has been the fifteen stone sapphire and diamond engagement ring that has graced my finger for nearly 30 years.  But alas, years of riding horses and typing at the keyboard have left me with a few swollen and disjointed knuckles making it impossible for me to wear more than one ring at a time.  So I alternate between those in my collection and enjoy other favorite pieces as often as I can.


You absoluteearrings.jpgly cannot go wrong with a pair of diamond stud earrings.  Appropriate for any occasion, they are a must have in my jewelry wardrobe.  But a great pair of birthstone or other favorite gemstone stud earrings can be just as versatile and attention grabbing.


I also love necklaces, my favorite being the shorter variety. Last year when we vacationed in Kentucky to attend the 2015 Breeder’s Cup, hubby treated me to the sterling silver Jane Heart Secretariat toggle necklace.  This is a weighty, substantial piece that draws attention and attracts compliments every time I wear it.


I am not a bracelet gal, primarily because finding bracelets small enough to fit my very small wrist is quite the challenge.  But I found this glass bead art deco style bracelet while visiting one of my favorite community Main Streets last summer.  It is perfect on my small wrist and stands out in the crowd.


pegasus pin.jpgI have always loved a broach or pin and when I was engaged in my professional career, I wore one almost daily.  I also like to wear a bold broach on the collars of my winter coats and I adore the antique sterling horse broach hubby found in an antique cabinet in a local gift shop.  Although my equine buddy seems to have had one leg amputated, no one else seems any the wiser and he still makes for a great conversation starter.

Jewelry is something I love because it can be worn with any outfit, at any time.  And it need not be expensive to look pretty.  You can wear the simplest dress to a formal occasion and make it look like a million bucks by incorporating some jewelry into the mix.  A casual affair need not be so dull when you toss on a piece that makes you smile.  And jewelry is a great way to keep memories close when you look down at that bracelet or touch your ear and remember where you were when you received that particular piece.  Jewelry incorporates art into your everyday life and it gives others something pretty to look at, too.  So share your bits and baubles and shine on!